Have your work featured

The Responsibility Collective is a platform to share your work among a network of young people interested in a wide range of topics from human rights, R2P, international justice processes to climate change, racism, gender inequalities, and more. We publish book reviews and article commentaries written by students and young professionals.

We are eager to receive tips on recently published books and journal articles. Are you an early-career researcher who has written a text and want it reviewed or commented on our platform? Are you a publisher seeking to commission a review? See below for details on eligibility and how to get in touch.

For early career researchers

If you are an early career researcher who has recently published a journal article, book, or thesis, we are eager to hear from you. We work with students and young professionals to write book reviews and article commentaries which we publish on a rolling basis. Please contact us at responsibilitycollective@gmail.com or tag us on Twitter if you are interested in having your work featured in our Collective.

For publishers

We have previously worked with publishing houses such as Hart Publishing and Princeton University Press to commission book reviews from PhD candidates with expertise in their respective disciplines.

We are keen to continue offering valuable opportunities like these to early career researchers. If you are a publisher (or a researcher) looking for someone to review a recently published or soon-to-be-published book, do not hesitate to contact us at responsibilitycollective@gmail.com.