Submission guidelines

Broadcast your voice. Share your experience. Start the conversation. The Responsibility Collective’s Narratives includes two sections: Narratives on Responsibility and our rotating Calls for Conversation. Wherever you are in the world, we’d love to hear from you.

Narratives can include:

  • Blog posts 
  • Personal accounts and experiences 
  • Book reviews
  • Photography
  • Poetry
  • Songs/music 
  • Videography

…but we are not limited to these categories. Have an idea for a Narrative not on this list? Get in touch via email at 


Anyone and everyone is eligible to submit. You do not have to be affiliated with a school or institution. 

How to submit

Send an email to our team at Write “Narratives” in the email subject line with your creative work attached, and fill out the submission form. A member of our team will follow up with you.  We aim to create a space for open, respectful and constructive conversations through visual and written creative works. Show the world what’s going on in your community. Tell us your story. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Latest contributions

  • Courtroom drama and racism: Putting film on the stand
    By Clémence Rebora No other film genre conveys the idea of responsibility, to one’s beliefs and towards others, better than the courtroom drama. Using law as a tool to play with the audience’s belief in justice, courtroom dramas place a topical concept on trial rather than a single character. The success of the genre stemsContinue reading “Courtroom drama and racism: Putting film on the stand”
  • Call for Conversations: Beyond the Media Cycle
    Summer 2021 With a 24-hour news cycle, we are constantly alerted to new crises breaking out across the world. Yet complex events seize the world’s attention for mind-bogglingly short amounts of time, causing constant shifts in public consciousness. Even when the world has stopped paying attention–even after the media cycle moves to the next bigContinue reading “Call for Conversations: Beyond the Media Cycle”
  • Leave the podium
    Posted on June 29, 2020 By Amy Ramswell Amy Ramswell is a law student at the University of Leeds. She first started writing poems at the start of university, to escape the aesthetic numbness of legal writing. She tends to keep them to herself, but shared this one because she feels strongly about the subject matter. LeaveContinue reading “Leave the podium”
  • Polished Me Like a Jewel
    By Emily Faux Inspired by her visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau, Emily wrote ‘Polished Me Like A Jewel’ as a fictional account of a young Polish Jew, Anne, whose hair was used to manufacture socks after her age and gender rendered her unsuitable for work and sentenced to immediate death.