About the Collective

The Responsibility Collective is a platform for thinking about responsibility critically and collectively. It serves as a space for discussion, reflection and critical engagement with the notion of responsibility in the contemporary world.

Previously known as the Responsibility to Protect Student Journal, we are broadening our scope to engage with questions of responsibility across a wide range of issues and disciplines. Explore recently published content and submission opportunities in the menu above.

This platform hosts three projects:


Special Issues

Special Issues featuring analytical and critical perspectives from a range of disciplines on how contemporary issues relate to the notion of responsibility.



 Contributions on current developments in and reflections on how contemporary social, economic, political, environmental, humanitarian, security and other issues relate to the notion of responsibility, including book reviews and personal narratives.


Interview Series

A compilation of interviews and an interactive podcast series featuring individual career and educational journeys across multiple disciplines, and issues linked to responsibility.

How the Responsibility Collective came to be

  • The R2P Student Journal was founded in 2015 by students from the University of Leeds and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Geneva). The first issue of the R2P Student Journal was published, with an opening note from Professor Alex Bellamy.

  • In 2016 our current Co-Editor-in-Chief, Kristin, joined the team.

  • In July 2017 our other Co-Editor-in-Chief, Emma, joined the team, initially as a Social Media Coordinator.

  • In 2018 our Associate Editors, Charlotte and Emily, joined the team as Junior Editors. In 2019, the R2P Student Journal published a Special Issue on Transitional Justice.

  • In 2020 our current Associate Editor, Francesca, joined the team. Our Narratives project was launched to attract creative submissions with a focus on individual experiences and reflections on contemporary events. Our ninth and last R2P Student Journal Issue focused on responses to human rights violations in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • In 2021, the R2P Student Journal became the Responsibility Collective in an effort to broaden its scope and create a new space to discuss, reflect and critically engage with the notion of responsibility in the contemporary world.