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In our latest interview with Dr Euan Raffle, we discuss Euan’s academic interests, inspirations, research and what responsibility means to him on a personal and academic level. You can listen to the episode below, or on Spotify or Anchor.

Euan Raffle: Academia and the War on Drugs Responsibility Collective Interview Series

Discussion around Euan’s research topics and journey in academia

Dear Reader,

Ongoing social, economic, political, environmental, health, humanitarian, and security crises have forced a rethinking of what responsibility means in today’s world. How we conceive of, assign, and act on responsibility in the face of these challenges has important implications for the local, regional and global scale.

What does responsibility mean in our current global context? Why does it matter? What questions do intersecting local, regional and global challenges raise for responsibility? How might responsibility generate action?  

The Responsibility Collective is a platform for thinking about responsibility critically and collectively. Its aim is to draw on a wide range of disciplines to explore how issues from human rights to climate change to healthcare equity, to name a few, connect to the notion of responsibility. 

The Collective’s predecessor, the Responsibility to Protect Student Journal, has been a global, student-led, free online journal since 2015. Undergraduate and postgraduate students have discussed the R2P, responses to mass atrocities and human rights violations, international humanitarian law, international criminal justice and more. Whilst mass atrocities and human rights violations are a crucial and ongoing topic of discussion, the Responsibility Collective aims to broaden its scope to allow for a deeper debate on the multi-faceted critical issues shaping our world

The Collective platform hosts five projects. Our Special Issues and Blog will provide analytical and critical perspectives on how contemporary issues relate to responsibility. Our Reviews of the Month will spotlight current research and scholarship raising questions about responsibility. Our Narratives section will feature creative pieces focusing on individual experiences and reflections on contemporary events. The Collective’s Interview Series will feature individual career and educational journeys across multiple disciplines. Each project has its own call for papers and submission opportunities to explore in the menu above. 

In the spirit of building a Collective engaged in critical and collective thinking, we look forward to hearing from you! 

The Responsibility Collective Editorial Team 

Emma Bapt, Kristin Smette Gulbrandsen, Charlotte Abbott, Emily Faux and Francesca Freeman

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